Vegan Butter Chicken

Our Vegan Butter Chicken is the right amount creamy, right amount spice blend, right amount kids love it and right amount made with no meat!

Enjoy our vegan version of this much loved authentic North Indian classic.We slow cook our Shredded Seitan 'chicken' in a carefully selected blend of mild aromatic spices. Then infuse it with organic coconut milk to create a creamy, silky, rich and full bodied butter chicken experience. Spoon's vegan butter chicken will become a household favourite for the whole family. 

We also use this mix in our Vegan Butter Chicken Pie


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Happy Customers

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Really love these products. The shredded seitan has changed my life!

Maddy Lou

I can’t imagine my BBQ without these amazing products.

Simon T

We've been ordering the festive roast for 4 years now. I couldn't imagine a Christmas without it.

Sarah Johnson

These products are really tasty. You can tell they are made by real people and not just pumped out.

Anna Thomas

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