Our products are 100% vegan


I started Suzy Spoons Vegetarian Butcher because the vegan products available in supermarkets were tasteless, rubbery and highly processed. Id been making lovely handmade vegan small goods and seitan for my friends and family for years so the next logical step was to make it into a business. 


This was back in 2012 and now we hand make 14 delicious vegan products including sausages, burger patties, seitan, schnitzel, bolognese, lasagne, veggie balls, pepperoni, smokey rasher and even a special festive roast for Christmas and Easter. 


Spoons products are sold in health food stores and small supermarkets in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and ACT.  


My products are made with real ingredients, all plant based with no preservatives. None of our ingredients are genetically modified. The team and I really care about what we do and we believe it shows in the quality of our products.  When you purchase Suzy Spoon’s products you’re guaranteed quality and taste!