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Festive Roast

Festive Roast

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We have 3 types of Roasts to choose from, please select from the drop down menu above.

Regular Roast

Gluten Free Roast

No Nut Roast limited availability

This Roast does not come hot. 

Every single Roast is made by hand.
This allows us to have control over ingredients, customization, freshness, nutritional value, no additives or preservatives, avoidance of allergens, sustainability, mindful eating and of course making food choices that show compassion towards animals
We use fresh and whole ingredients in our delicious and unique festive roulade.
Enjoy the combination of seitan, nuts, cranberries, mushrooms and traditional herbs, the perfect center piece for any occasion. When cooked the outer layer will be perfectly cripsy, serve with roast veggies, gravy and yorkshire pudding, treat yourself and your family to something special. The left overs the next day are sooooo good - if there is any left that is :)

When cooked it will expand in size to approx 20cm x 35cm weight 900g. This is to be taken as a rough guide only: the roast can be sliced into 10-15 slices, this will depend greatly on the thickness of the slices you cut. Because each roast is made by hand the shape of each roast may vary slightly but the weight of each roast is the same.

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