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The Seitan Bundle

The Seitan Bundle

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The Seitan Bundle

This is the perfect meaty 'not' meaty bundle.

This delicious bundle contains the very best of our seitan products.

1x Pastrami

1x Shredded Seitan

1x Butter Chicken

1x Chicken Filet

1x Smokey Rasher

1x Schnitzel

1x Pepperoni Log


1x Pastrami -  Our vegan Pastrami is a generous blend and balance of the finest quality ingredients to give you an authentically textured, rich and rewardingly flavoured deli slice. Can be eaten hot or cold. Perfect for a New York style mustard and rye bread sandwich.

1x Shredded Chicken -  you can add it to stir fry's, taco's, pies, pastas, curries or any recipe that requires chicken. It has an amazingly meaty style texture with a delicious yet mild flavour (although the miso, onion & garlic powder do add to the taste ), which makes it perfect for marinating it will also take on the flavour of whatever sauce you add.

1x Butter Chicken -  Enjoy our vegan version of this much loved authentic North Indian classic.

1x Chicken Fillet -  This versatile Seitan Fillet can be BBQ’d or seared in a pan with oil, salt and pepper or sliced and put through a stir fry. Marinate overnight in your favourite marinade for an extra flavour boost. Cut into chunks and add to a casserole, salad, pie or pasta recipe.

1x Smokey Rasher - This bacon replacement is perfect to create your own breakfast of champions or pile them high on a BLT with avocado. Crisp them up for an extra explosion of flavour in your salad or pasta.

1x Classic Schnitzel - These Seitan Schnitzels are crumbed and are delicious for lunch on a sandwich with lettuce and vegan mayo or treat yourself to full Viennese dinner of schnitzel, potato salad, sauerkraut cranberry sauce. Bake ,girl, fry them.

1x Pepperoni Log - This flavour packed vegan peppernoni has been lovingly created with care and attention to detail. We've selected only the finest quality spices to create this complex flavour combination, including black pepper corns, garlic, and that familiar red sweetness of paprika. Perfect for creating a classic home-made pizza or for a special night in with vegan cheese & peppernoni toasties melted under the grill.


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